Babylon 5: Dark Genesis Chronology

NOTE: This page contains spoilers for the book Babylon 5 Novel, Dark Genesis. The book has a few unexpected turns that you may want to find out while reading the book.

Many events have dates associated with them, others could be determined by counting forward or backward. There were a few inconsistences, but I have tried to compensate for them. Some dates have a footnote after them. A (1) means the date is approximate but within 3 days. A (2) means the year is approximate but within 3 years.

To see how I determined the dates for the timeline, see the annotated version of this page.

May 11, 2055
Time began for the Yucatan cultists. Many astronaut / angel cults appeared between 2059 and 2062. This is about the time when the Vorlons introduced the telepath gene into humans.

Kevin Vacit is born.

June 2115
Investigations into Biochemical Sensory Transmission written and subsequently published in New England Journal of Medicine proving that telepathy does exist.

Senator Lee Crawford joins the Technology and Privacy Committee

October 3, 2115
Johns Hopkins University Medical School confirms previous study

Hysteria and witchhunts spread with anyone suspected of being a telepath a target.

December 5, 2115
Pope Pius XV calls the appearance of telepaths a miracle from God, and calls for the world to embrace God's gifts.

Kevin's mother dies while holding him and escaping pursuers.

Blood (Desa Alexander), Mercy, Teal, Monkey (Jack O'Hannlon), and Smoke escape their temple when normals come after their cult. Monkey blows up the temple and cultists.

Alice Kimbrell, editor of New England Journal of Medicine comes to see Senator Crawford on the moon with the latest discovery that telepaths were genetically engineered and many can be detected by a genetic marker. They are almost killed in an attempt to keep this discovery secret. Senator Crawford uses the information to become more powerful in the Senate. He becomes head of the newly formed Committee on Metasensory Regulation.

Metasensory Regulation Authority (MRA) founded, requiring all telepaths to be registered.

Monkey finds Kevin.

3 months later
Mercy is tested and detected as a telepath. She takes the sleepers, and becomes withdrawn. Blood decides they will go on the run, rather than let Mercy stay on the sleepers. Kevin is tested and not detected.

Late 2117
Blood becomes pregnant with Monkey's child, but he never knows.

Blood et al propose an alliance with Senator Crawford. Monkey rejects the idea of an alliance and leaves with Kevin.

August 24, 2118(1)
Brenna Alexander is born.

August 16, 2132
In Prague, Blood, Teal, and Daria (a new recruit) hunt down a rogue family fleeing to India to avoid the MRA. One rogue and one normal die.

Late 2132 / 2133
Kevin becomes Senator Crawford's right hand man.

Senator Phillip Lai (a strong opponent of the MRA) calls for hearings on corruption inside the MRA.

August 24, 2133(1)
Kevin and Blood "meet"; Blood never realizes he's the same kid that Monkey brought in 15 years ago. They discuss strategy for upcoming hearings.

August 25, 2133(1)
Hearings into MRA corruption begin. Blood put on stand for questioning. Blood discovers Monkey in the audience.

August 26, 2133(1)
Questioning of Blood continues. Prague incident brought up. Blood realizes Daria must have told Lai about Prague, and then sees Daria about to shoot Lai. Blood jumps in front of shot, and saves Lai. As Blood is dying, she figures out that Monkey set it up so it would appear that the MRA killed Lai.

January 18, 2148
Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) completes their 8th Experimental Station on Mars near Syria Planum.

May 5, 2148
Mr. Raskov, a commercial telepath working for IPX in San Diego, dies suddenly.

A few days later
Kevin & Ninon Davion fly to San Diego to investigate Mr. Raskov's death. They discover Martian artifacts made of organic technology. They offer to overlook the death, if IPX deals solely with the MRA concerning the organic technology research.

Kevin & Ninon become intimate. Ninon discovers that Kevin is a telepath, and keeps his secret. They continue their affair in secret for 13 years.

June 15, 2155
Stephen Walters is born in Casper, Wyoming, USA.

April 6, 2156
Centauri make contact with Earth.

This leads to Earth politics becoming more unified under one government. However, histeria flares up again with concerns that telepaths could be alien plants or even alien themselves.

March 2161
Kevin & Ninon have a child, Fiona. Ninon dies in the line of duty less than two months later.

April 2161
Lee Crawford appointed head of the new Psi Corps by President Elizabeth Robinson.

May 2161
First permanent Centauri ambassador arrives on Earth.

As Lee Crawford is going to visit the new Centauri ambassador, Monkey blows up the car and murders Lee. Kevin makes sure Lee sees a Centauri just before Lee dies.

Kevin asks Monkey to take care of Fiona and keep her safe and away from Psi Corps.

Kevin appointed head of Psi Corps.

Stephen Walters joins Earthforce and serves in the 355th North American. He earns the EA Silver Star for bravery at the Battle of Douala.

Stephen Walters manifests latent telepathic abilities and voluntarily joins Psi Corps.

Jenny Winters is born in Vermont, USA.

Mid 2180
Fiona accidentally leads Psi Corps to Monkey. When the Psi Cops arrive, he blows up them and himself. Fiona is captured and sent to an interment camp, where she is isolated in a dark tube and questioned about the resistance. Fortunately, she is not isolated well enough and is able to make contact with another prisoner, Matthew Dexter.

Natasha Alexander begins working with Kevin. She had discovered that a large percentage of telepaths are descended from members of the astronaut / angel cults in the early 2060s.

Kevin sends Stephen Walters to help Fiona escape. He tells Stephen that this is so that he can infiltrate the resistance, but it's actually just to get Fiona away from the Psi Corps.

Kevin and Natasha lead a team to investigate a cult in the Yucatan. They discover that the cult began in 2055 and find an artifact similar to the one IPX found on Mars. Natasha discovers that Kevin is a telepath, but keeps his secret.

Stephen rescues Fiona and Matthew from the interment camp. They find information Monkey left to take over leadership of the resistance.

Natasha discovers many of the teep ancestors disappeared in Antarctica for a few days. Kevin and Natasha investigate the location of the disappearences. Kevin feels an alien death trace in a hole in the Antarctic.

An old friend of Stephen's finds him and tells Stephen his assignment is over and he can go home, as soon as they capture Matthew. Stephen realizes he cares for Matthew, Fiona, and the resistance and kills his friend. He joins the resistance and tells Matthew and Fiona that he was a spy, but isn't anymore.

Matthew, Fiona, and Stephen disappear from sight and are thought dead.

Kevin and Natasha go to Venus after Kevin notices a gravitational and magnetic anomaly virtually identical to one found over Antarctica. At Venus, they make contact with a Vorlon ship which shows them images of the Shadows and tells them that "Evolution crawls to imperfection." Kevin had thought that evolution was the best path for developing better telepaths. He now realizes that these aliens created telepaths to fight a powerful enemy, and that evolution is too slow and unguided to create powerful enough telepaths quickly. The Vorlons also leave a seed in Natasha's mind which will draw her or one of her descendents to the Vorlons when the time comes.

July 21, 2189
Jenny Winters begins a diary of life in the resistance.

September 3, 2189
Matthew, Fiona, and Stephen reappear. They went away so that Matthew and Fiona could have a baby.

A few days later
Jenny and her diary are picked up by Psi Corps. From the diary, Kevin learns he is a grandfather. From a deep scan of Jenny, they discover the location of the underground's eastern base of operations. Kevin orders the entire base shutdown and Fiona, Matthew, and the baby brought back alive to be re-educated.

Another 1-2 days later
Psi Cops storm the underground's base. Stephen escapes with the baby and another girl, Valerie. Matthew and Fiona stay to fight and help others escape. Matthew is shot, and rather than surrender or be captured, Fiona blows up herself and Matthew. Stephen leaves the baby with Valerie, and goes back to try to help Matthew and Fiona. He's too late, and when he returns Valerie and the baby are gone, taken by Psi Corps.

Shortly afterward
Kevin visits his grandson in the Psi Corps nursery. He decides this will truly be a child of the Corps with no other mother or father. He names the baby Alfred Bester after the 20th Century author.

Family Trees

Bester's lineage The Alexander lineage